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Good & Evil, Incorporated



Welcome to the Wiki. It's an online notebook, originally set up to document gaming done by 's roleplaying groups. It's expanded over time, most recently to hosting a wiki for .

Anybody's welcome to edit content or make notes, where permitted. Just don't kill any of the content that's there already. (You can find the rules and instructions .)

Right now, the and sections are the most up-to-date. Also be sure to check out Dan Bayn's rules!

Games you can play

  • : An action-adventure gaming system by Daniel Bayn, with tons of support material from you, the heroes. Fast, fun, and free!
  • : Saving the world is our bottom line.

Games we’re running

  • : Russell and Jeff, creators of , team with co-star Angela for a no-holds-barred rock tale of independence, violence and consequences. Oh, and vampires.
  • : An angel walks the streets of Chicago, but does he serve Heaven or Hell?
  • : Games that are either on hiatus or concluded.
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