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Creating Characters

All a Wushu character needs to be ready to rumble is a set of Traits. They can be anything from a profession (Cop, Hacker, Chef) to a simple adjective (Smart, Charismatic, Stinkin' Rich). It should go without saying that every Wushu character should have a combat Trait (Shaolin Master, Hit Man, Brawlin', Gun-Fu, etc). If you have any kewl powerz (Telekinesis, Voodoo, Undead), they'll need a Trait all their own.

Each Trait starts at a default rating of 2; your GM will give you 5-8 points to spend on raising them, up to a maximum rating of 5. That should be enough for 3 Traits, give or take.

Finally, your character needs a Weakness, which has a Trait rating of 1. This could be a love interest who's always getting them into trouble, some kind of special vulnerability (ie. wooden stakes and sunlight!), or a tragic flaw (Drunk, Egotist, Can't Refuse a Challenge). Any time your character tries to act against their Weakness, any dice that roll higher than 1 are failures. Ouch!

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