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This page combines a manually updated list of posts from the” class=“urllink”>RPGnet forums and also provides a realtime list of the latest discussions.

Latest Threads

Here are the latest threads on Wushu, as provided by” class=“urllink”>RPGnet search:

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Help threads” class=“urllink”>Chi and Healing (goodies from Bailywolf and DanMcS)” class=“urllink”>Mechanics for defeat (some especially good stuff from Lord Minx)” class=“urllink”>Is it a viral meme that infects your tastes? (aside from my gushing, there’s some good bits)” class=“urllink”>Niche Protection (Bailywolf and Kicker on fine form)” class=“urllink”>Wushu Supers (Bailywolf and Lord Minx in full flow)” class=“urllink”>Detail Types (Kicker had some useful observations)” class=“urllink”>Magic-heavy system help (mEGA playing around with adding a little magic crunch)” class=“urllink”>One-shot for newbies (lots of people giving me some advice as to how to run it for newbies)” class=“urllink”>Collected Wushu Wisdom (an earlier attempt by John Marron to do what I’m doing)” class=“urllink”>Coup de Grace Question (quick clarification)” class=“urllink”>Mass Combat (I got lurned by numerous posters)” class=“urllink”>Adaptive Adventure Structuring (Kicker with some ideas)” class=“urllink”>Fast Cars, Starships and other Vehicular Mayhem (some alternate ways of doing vehicles, and Organisation rules)” class=“urllink”>I read Wushu and didn’t get it (I’ve been there)” class=“urllink”>Please explain Wushu to me (some wonderful examples of non-combat conflicts, courtesy of Bailywolf)” class=“urllink”>Rules Questions (an old one from back in ‘04)” class=“urllink”>What’s been done with Wushu Open (some good back and forth between Kicker and DanMcS on how it all works)” class=“urllink”>Will Wushu Work for me? (a great deconstruction of Wushu by DaR)” class=“urllink”>Wushu Question (the old “don’t describe winning on your first roll” issue)” class=“urllink”>Combat Yin&Yang (some clarification and examples of splitting dice)” class=“urllink”>Traits (some ideas on what to use)” class=“urllink”>When do you stop? (on ending a run of Details)” class=“urllink”>What’s to prevent an “instant kill” action” class=“urllink”>Make your own Traits and Game Balance (general thread on Wushu and others)” class=“urllink”>Can you explainify me Wushu Matrix?” class=“urllink”>Losing Chi Question (about Car-Fu)” class=“urllink”>Replacing Scab Rolls” class=“urllink”>Am I just an idiot? (about Weaknesses/Flaws)” class=“urllink”>Help me crystallise (how this works)” class=“urllink”>“Weak” PCs (non-action settings)” class=“urllink”>Quick Wushu Question (on mooks vs Nemeses)” class=“urllink”>Principle of Narrative Truth” class=“urllink”>Making conflicts hurt (musings on modelling loss wider than Chi)” class=“urllink”>Any hints and tips for a new GM? (a bit on “falling damage”)” class=“urllink”>I don’t get it (broken down roll-by-roll)” class=“urllink”>Superhero rules add-ins (stuff on running Nemeses)” class=“urllink”>Wushu and character death (ideas on bringing in death and even incentivising it)” class=“urllink”>Some clarification please (on Yin and Yang dice)” class=“urllink”>Yin yang dice pool (again)” class=“urllink”>Wushu and Lethal Narratives (the old “headless ninja” again)” class=“urllink”>Having a spot of trouble (coming up with Details on the fly)” class=“urllink”>Huh? (another clueless thread)” class=“urllink”>Wushu What? Narrative Truth bafflement (how to regulate it all)” class=“urllink”>Social Fu (back when I didn’t get it)” class=“urllink”>How do you handle shapeshifters (why you don’t need “separate traits for each form”)” class=“urllink”>More Questions (describing Chi loss)” class=“urllink”>Actual Play with Questions (bits of Coupe de Grace and Mass Combat)” class=“urllink”>Great for Play-by-post! (a “sell” on why it’s good for PbP)” class=“urllink”>I joined the revolution but (I get to play guru! And stuff on narrating for mooks)” class=“urllink”>A long term game? (about mechanical advancement options in Wushu)” class=“urllink”>Rule, House Rule or Common Sense (about what is “permitted” in a description and disabling someone’s Trait)” class=“urllink”>Wushu and the GM (about running Wushu)” class=“urllink”>It’s not just about kicking ass! (I try to dispel one of the most common misconceptions about Wushu)” class=“urllink”>Urgency (how to make players get on with it)” class=“urllink”>Help! My group thinks it’s too complicated! (how to sell Wushu to resistant people)” class=“urllink”>Narrative systems: Ain’t that a paradox? (related to narrative systems in general, but also Wushu specifically)” class=“urllink”>Dogfighting (about aerial combat in Wushu)” class=“urllink”>Retrain my brain!” class=“urllink”>Details, Standard, challenge vs fun” class=“urllink”>Quick questions about Threat ratings” class=“urllink”>I’ve found my… (another new convert!)” class=“urllink”>help please” class=“urllink”>How do you handle “friendly” NPCs” class=“urllink”>Playing it GMless” class=“urllink”>ki attacks (DBZ style narrative)” class=“urllink”>First Impressions and questions (regular help)” class=“urllink”>On Wushu, narrative control, the universe and everything” class=“urllink”>How do I plan for a game” class=“urllink”>Weaknesses/Flaws” class=“urllink”>Nemeses and assigning dice” class=“urllink”>How to make enemies more challenging” class=“urllink”>Let me see if I’ve got this right” class=“urllink”>Breaking in” class=“urllink”>Are we too sim” class=“urllink”>Multiple-player Nemesis Challenge” class=“urllink”>Can players introduce goals?” class=“urllink”>I really wanna get it” class=“urllink”>Another getting my head round it thread” class=“urllink”>Sanity Rules” class=“urllink”>Now with more niche protection” class=“urllink”>Narrativist GMs what do your notes look like” class=“urllink”>Wiki stat notation” class=“urllink”>we’re really gonna do this” class=“urllink”>I’m hooked now help me” class=“urllink”>Do you tell the players when the Nemesis is about to die?” class=“urllink”>Some thoughts” class=“urllink”>Racial Traits question” class=“urllink”>Help me get my friend hooked on RPGs” class=“urllink”>is hard” class=“urllink”>The issues thread” class=“urllink”>Character Power Growth” class=“urllink”>Reverse death spiral” class=“urllink”>Explain motivational Traits to me” class=“urllink”>What books to run Wushu Harn?” class=“urllink”>Motivational Traits and dice-caps” class=“urllink”>Give me examples of Weaknesses in use” class=“urllink”>Progression between scenes” class=“urllink”>Naval Combat” class=“urllink”>What is the Wushu system?” class=“urllink”>Shared narration is not immersion’s enemy” class=“urllink”>And now for our daily dumb Wushu question” class=“urllink”>Advice needed for powers” class=“urllink”>Idea for Weaknesses” class=“urllink”>On a galactic scale” class=“urllink”>Different dice? Other houserules? Lend me your links!” class=“urllink”>Help me Wushu gurus” class=“urllink”>PvP” class=“urllink”>Open Reloaded vs original “for sale” version” class=“urllink”>Playing supers with disparate power levels” class=“urllink”>Setting info in a paragraph” class=“urllink”>I need Bennies” class=“urllink”>PBIM client” class=“urllink”>Ghosts and Snipers” class=“urllink”>Wushu and Campaigns” class=“urllink”>Is something lost?” class=“urllink”>Wushu-Exalted questions” class=“urllink”>Frequency of PC death” class=“urllink”>On the topic of Traits

[comment author="Damian"] I’ve just dumped all the links in for now, I’ll come back and edit them into meaningful sections later. EDIT: I know I’ve still not done it, but I will get round to it, promise![/comment]


Non-RPGnet Threads:

Scrooge McDuck Helped Me Understand Wushu (E.T.Smith hits the nail on the head and even provides awesome examples using the worls richest duck.)

What are you doing?” class=“urllink”>I wanna hear stories, dammit! (Dan getting feedback)” class=“urllink”>whatcha doing with it? (again what are we doing)” class=“urllink”>What are we doing with Wushu (some scraps in there)” class=“urllink”>The Wushu that you do (another what are we doing with it thread)” class=“urllink”>What do you use Wushu for?” class=“urllink”>What settings have you used it for?” class=“urllink”>Do you Wushu (a poll!)” class=“urllink”>What is it to you? (another poll)” class=“urllink”>What have you run with it?” class=“urllink”>What would you like to see?” class=“urllink”>Building your own personal corebook” class=“urllink”>So I finally tried it

Meta/rules stuff” class=“urllink”>Locations Redux” class=“urllink”>Locations and player-driven games” class=“urllink”>Alternate Setback mechanics” class=“urllink”>Modding up the Wushu rules (talking about playing-card mechanics)” class=“urllink”>Foreshadowing Dice (Emprint’s alternate mechanic to Held Dice)” class=“urllink”>Standardised Optional Rules (An alternate way to look at the mechanics and handling scenes)” class=“urllink”>Open Reloaded (an attempt by me to update the Open rules to generalise conflicts and add discussion beyond the original material)” class=“urllink”>Secondary Goals, eh?” class=“urllink”>The Game in Practice” class=“urllink”>Help me build an Example of Play” class=“urllink”>My Wushu (dyjoots with his own interpretation of the rules)” class=“urllink”>Qi - A Wushu variant for character-driven games” class=“urllink”>Brainstorming magic” class=“urllink”>Chargen by induction (crazy idea of using crunchier systems to inspire Wushu characters}” class=“urllink”>Control Dice Pool” class=“urllink”>A simple Flaw mechanic” class=“urllink”>Flagged, situation-driven Wushu” class=“urllink”>Anyone feel up to editing Wikipedia (about the Wikipedia entry on Wushu)” class=“urllink”>variant (an alternative take on Traits)” class=“urllink”>Traits as character motivations” class=“urllink”>Alternate Trait approaches” class=“urllink”>One-page setting hooks” class=“urllink”>Traits in action-focused games” class=“urllink”>Fan rules…which are you using?” class=“urllink”>Trait Features” class=“urllink”>Better terminology” class=“urllink”>Example of Play II” class=“urllink”>Cascade resolution” class=“urllink”>We need a Wushu Clan” class=“urllink”>Creative Commons: making Open Reloaded truly open (getting a proper legal basis for people to use Reloaded to make their own games)” class=“urllink”>BUDO - Hard Style Wushu (a new Wushu product that appeared out of nowhere)” class=“urllink”>Thinking about an Intro Kit again (long)

Example characters” class=“urllink”>Stat up everything (example characters)” class=“urllink”>Stat the Hero (a much earlier attempt than my own above)

Sell me” class=“urllink”>Sell me on” class=“urllink”>Anyone tried Car-Fu?” class=“urllink”>Wushu vs Heroquest” class=“urllink”>Why are we playing it?” class=“urllink”>Sell/Unsell Me” class=“urllink”>Wushu v Risus” class=“urllink”>Sell or Unsell me” class=“urllink”>Tell me about…” class=“urllink”>Pulp-Fu vs Wire-Fu” class=“urllink”>HeroQuest Wushu comparison (a genuine comparison rather than a “sell me” really)” class=“urllink”>Compare Adventure! Pulp Fu and Two-Fisted Tales” class=“urllink”>Wushu vs Pulp-Fu” class=“urllink”>Which game?” class=“urllink”>Tell me about Wushu/Wire-Fu” class=“urllink”>Anyone tried Wyrd-Fu” class=“urllink”>Sell me on Roanoke


General” class=“urllink”>Building a Wuxia Space Opera Epic (Karasu’s early musings on an Exalted/Gundam-esque setting)” class=“urllink”>Deathsword Reloaded (rbingham2000 and I riff on a setting)” class=“urllink”>Wushu and Feng Shui” class=“urllink”>Wushu and 40k” class=“urllink”>Angel/Buffyverse Wushu (Bailywolf does the Whedonverse)” class=“urllink”>High Fantasy, Wushu Style (ideas on D&D-styled games, also link to Dungeon-Punk)” class=“urllink”>Brainstorming Mythic Investigators” class=“urllink”>Wushu Falkenstein” class=“urllink”>For epics, sagas and legends” class=“urllink”>God-Fu (DannyK’s Nobilis convo)” class=“urllink”>Van Helsing (Bailywolf does the monster-hunter thing)” class=“urllink”>Monster-Punk” class=“urllink”>Biting Danger! (Emprint’s play-the-monster game)” class=“urllink”>Honor, betrayal and Mantis Style (Bailywolf does Shaw Brothers)” class=“urllink”>Under London” class=“urllink”>Amber: Savagery and Splendour” class=“urllink”>Funky One-Score Implementation” class=“urllink”>Nexus: The Infinite City (Bailywolf’s take on an old favourite)” class=“urllink”>Conjuring and Binding (magicians in Sword&Sorcery games)” class=“urllink”>Roleplaying in Republican Rome and” class=“urllink”>Redux” class=“urllink”>Mythos War” class=“urllink”>Dune, Bene Gesserit, and wide professions that cover many things” class=“urllink”>Wyrd-Fu again (on Dan’s up and coming Wushu game of magic)” class=“urllink”>D&D (doing the oldest game - straight - with Wushu)” class=“urllink”>Brainstorm a pulp fantasy setting!” class=“urllink”>World of Darkness: Traits (talking about converting WoD to Wushu)” class=“urllink”>Wushu for Mage (a straight WoD convo)” class=“urllink”>Chase-Fu (about Car-Fu)” class=“urllink”>nWoD” class=“urllink”>A Ghost in the Wushu” class=“urllink”>Sentai Rangers!” class=“urllink”>Modern Monster Hunters” class=“urllink”>Holy Crap Toon Wushu!” class=“urllink”>veterans needed (about mecha-styled games)” class=“urllink”>Street Fighter Campaign” class=“urllink”>AD&D (another oldie)” class=“urllink”>Exalted with Reloaded (un-modded Wushu Exalted)” class=“urllink”>and playing Mage for Mage lovers” class=“urllink”>Amber” class=“urllink”>Help me design a Wushu (a survival-horror mod)” class=“urllink”>Mook fights” class=“urllink”>Victorian Pulp-Fu” class=“urllink”>Wushu + FASERIP Needs Work” class=“urllink”>Theory System Fusion: PtA + Wushu” class=“urllink”>Eberron” class=“urllink”>Glam Reaper: the Rocking Dead” class=“urllink”>Grift-Fu (my attempt at a game based on con-artists)” class=“urllink”>Near future dark action setting” class=“urllink”>Order of the Stick (Doing my favourite webcomic with Wushu)” class=“urllink”>Paranoia: Yeah you read right” class=“urllink”>Nobilis with Wushu” class=“urllink”>Greater Things” class=“urllink”>Dictionary of Mu brainstorming” class=“urllink”>Wuxalted Redux” class=“urllink”>300 - A Beautiful Death” class=“urllink”>Wanting some help in doing an Evangelion setting” class=“urllink”>Torchwood Five: Shadow Wing” class=“urllink”>WWE style game” class=“urllink”>Reliquary Dogs

Star Wars” class=“urllink”>Star Wars rules refinements” class=“urllink”>Star Wars (led to voidstate’s version)” class=“urllink”>Wushu for Clone Wars (high-action Star Wars)” class=“urllink”>Darksiders (Dan’s Sith/Darksider Star Wars game)” class=“urllink”>Star Wars (Redux) (my own attempt at a Star Wars game)” class=“urllink”>My Force-Fu ideas

Supers” class=“urllink”>Bailywolf’s Super-Fu” class=“urllink”>X-Men (another collaborative supers thing)” class=“urllink”>Superheroes? (Emprint does supers)” class=“urllink”>Wushu supers setting: Soviet Russia” class=“urllink”>Modern Capes vs Nazis

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