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Good & Evil, Incorporated

Good & Evil, Incorporated

Qualified applicant sought for occult tactical position. Must possess bachelor's degree, be self-starter. Starting salary $125k/yr, great benefits.

Good & Evil, Incorporated

Good and Evil built this universe together, an illustration of an abstract philosophical argument. They agree on only one thing: the integrity of the experiment. One thing threatens that integrity: sorcerers. Obsessed with imposing their will upon man or creation, sorcerers summon demons from Outside, defying the laws of nature and polluting the experiment.

But taking out the sorcerers directly would damage the experiment even more. They need a local contractor. That's where you came in. The Company hired you, and taught you how to be better at the stuff you do. And also how to kill.

You've got to be smarter, faster, and better than the sorcerers. Kill them before they kill you. 'Cause otherwise, your student loans are never going to get paid off.

You are a Specialist

You have at least one unique specialization, an action-movie level ability to do something cool. Whether it's gunfire, hacking, or predicting people's moves, you're better at it than almost anybody else.

Anybody who's not a sorcerer.

You are dead sexy and wicked cool

You are. You have a unique appearance and style. What they are is left up to you.

Do you have cool powers?

You'd better not. That would mean you've been consorting with demons, and at the very least you'd lose your job. Possibly you'd also lose such organs as are easily damaged by gunfire.

But you might have a Dispensation. See, Good and Evil don't want to prejudice their experiment, but they do need some way to reward their contractors. So they permit the company to give out a few conditional exemptions from physical and dramatic laws.

What is this, again?

Good & Evil, Incorporated is a roleplaying game being developed by Russell Bailey.

A playtest is currently running in the play-by-post forums at RPGnet: IC thread, OOC thread.

What's here right now isn't as detailed or evocative as the eventual project hopefully will be, but, rather, is aimed at providing the necessary information to get a game going.

[comment author="Russell"]Behind the scenes, I've been working on the "real thing" for a bit. I'm going to start work on getting a reorganized and rewritten text online soon. I've posted a Revised Table of Contents, though it's subject to change.[/comment]

Getting Started

New players should check out the Wushu rules and the G&E character creation guidelines. For some good source media, see the Inspiration page.

Table of Contents

  1. Good & Evil, Incorporated
    1. Setting
      1. Welcome to the Company
      2. Corporate Metaphysics FAQ
      3. Specialists and what they do
      4. The Fringe
    2. Rules
      1. The Wushu System
      2. Character Creation
      3. Branch Creation
    3. GM Guidelines
      1. Creating Sorcerers and Demons
        1. Demonology
        2. Motive
        3. Form
        4. Powers
        5. Sacrifice
      2. Moral Ambiguity and Where to Stick It
    4. Examples
      1. Branches
        1. The Lucky Duck
      2. Characters
        1. Tarzan and Jane
      3. Antagonists
        1. The Cathars
        2. The AbomiNation
        3. The Sailor's Church
        4. The Wise
        5. Integrity Solutions
      4. Equipment
        1. Arcane Inventory

Using this material

Good & Evil, Incorporated is a work in progress. While you're welcome to print it out and otherwise copy it for your own use, please don't reproduce the contents of these pages elsewhere. Russell would like to keep the Good & Evil, Incorporated text centrally located at this time.

The material here is explicitly not released under the Creative Commons license (used by Wushu).


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