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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Revised Table Of Contents

This is a revised table of contents for [i]Good & Evil, Incorporated[/i], and it includes a lot of content for the revised version of the game. Some of it's in a close-to-final form, but other aspects, including the structure of the book, are likely to change heavily.

  1. Overview
  2. Welcome to the Company

[comment author="Russell"]This section is largely IC information- a simple overview of the setting and its heroes. On the other hand, because of who's writing it, it'll be a pretty objective overview.[/comment]

  1. Our Mission
  2. Our People
  3. Our Core Adversaries?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions?
  1. Operating Procedures

[comment author="Russell"]This is OOC, but I'm keeping the "corporate" naming conventions, because I think they're fun and I don't think they obscure much.[/comment]

  1. Planning Your Career?
  2. Team Building?
  3. Resolving Conflict?
  1. Management Handbook

[comment author="Russell"]This is all blatantly OOC, a high-level guide to running the game.[/comment]

  1. Sorcerers and Demons
  2. A Complicated World
    1. The Fringe
    2. Scars and Lesions?
  3. How to Run the Game
    1. No More Secrets
    2. Action Scenes
      1. Bad Date?
      2. Chase?
      3. Charade?
      4. Duel?
      5. Search?
      6. Interrogation
    3. Contradictions
    4. Moral Ambiguity and Where to Stick It
    5. Elements of a Session
      1. Tropes
      2. Scenes?
      3. Details?


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