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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Throughout our core business, front companies, and the sorcerers we pursue, we strive to remember one thing: people are our business. Helping, challenging, and occasionally eliminating people is what the Company is all about.

What we look for

As the leader in our market space, we recognize that our employees are our greatest strength. We look for candidates who are or have the potential to be experts and leaders in their chosen fields. We help them achieve that potential.

Our core business requires us to bring in specialists from a variety of fields. Investigators and combat specialists are often the most visible members of mission teams, but information technology experts, researchers, creative accountants, forensic scientists, and many others have roles to play both in the office and in the field. If you don't know how to fight, don't worry- in addition to finding challenges in your field of choice, we'll train you to kill.

We recognize, however, that neither personal nor customer satisfaction can be achieved in a vacuum. That's why we focus on putting the right people together, matching diverse skills and like minds with the contracts they're best suited to.

Mission teams

After a situation has been identified, either from Client communications or via our own Ongoing Investigations staff, an office's Director of Operations assembles the mission team. During your time with the Company, you'll most likely work with many different teams, but we also make an effort to keep productive teams together. Good partnerships are good business.

Every mission team is assigned a member of the Operations Support Division, who handles in-office and subcontracting tasks while you work in the field. Operators are responsible for performing or finding someone to perform mission tasks for which the team does not have a designated specialist. Operators may dispatch forensic investigators, peform research, handle hacking or other Offensive Information Support, or even find you a babysitter for a particularly late night.

Matrixed organization

We believe that expertise is more important than seniority. That's why we use a matrixed organization model which lets mission teams draw on the skills they need most.

During your time with the Company, you'll report to both a functional manager, usually the partner overseeing your department, and one or more mission leads. On many assignments, particularly those which require short-term results, your DO will also serve as a mission lead.

Employee Referral

As a clandestine organization, we can only do so much recruiting via conventional means. We also recognize that our employees may bring valuable contacts from previous employment, or develop them in the field. If you know someone you think would be a good fit, please don't hesitate to recommend them to your DO.

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