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Good & Evil, Incorporated


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The Company uses its fronts both to cover day-to-day operations and to generate revenue.


Several medium-sized insurance providers are owned by the Company. These fronts provide access to a lot of otherwise confidential information, and specialists a perfect excuse to go poking around an event scene (whether a real policy was involved or not).

Insurance companies are also good sources of cash in their own right. Unfortunately, that also means that they're consistently under a lot of government scrutiny. As a result, insurance companies are used mainly for intelligence gathering and phony credentials.

Real Estate

Like insurance, the real estate business would seem to have a natural synergy with the Company's real work. After all, the Company has an interest in keeping tight control over contaminated sites. Unfortunately, even when possible, decontaminations can take years- years when access to the sites must be strictly avoided.

This leads to a sharp division between holdings related to the Company's core business and holdings used to generate or launder revenue.

Private Security

Duck Blinds

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