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Good & Evil, Incorporated


How Much Knowledge

[b]Issue:[/b] How much does the Company [i]really[/i] know about sorcery and sorcerers? Should we trust the metaphysics the suits are pushing? Do they even believe it?

[b]Default:[/b] While the Company's knowledge is hardly encyclopedic, the basic cosmology is accurate. While some information is certainly kept secret from lower level employees, and the bosses certainly do shady things in secret, everything in this book might be known by player characters, and is believed to be correct by the Company.

A Mysterious World

Under this option, Company knowledge is much more fragmentary. They may not report directly to the Clients (perhaps they're a government contractor) and the huge vaults of dangerous magical artifacts either don't exist or are even less catalogued.

Neither management nor the player characters have access to the information in this book, and it might be incorrect- see below.

Liar, Liar

Why would the Company be more honest with its stooges than with anyone else? With this option, the player characters are fed a steady stream of "I can't tell yous" and lies by their superiors- who probably don't know the truth themselves!

There are basically two ways you can run this: either there's a unified cosmos and conspiracy out there, an ultimate truth the players can uncover (like [i]The X-Files[/i]), or every session adds more puzzle pieces, many of which seem to contradict each other (like [i]The X-Files[/i]).

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