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Good & Evil, Incorporated


[b]Issue:[/b] Do these people really call themselves "Good & Evil, Incorporated?" Isn't that kind of silly? And "Mary Sue?"

[b]Default:[/b] As written, [i]Good & Evil, Incorporated[/i] is a nickname for the Company, but it's one commonly used by employees. The names for sorcerer stereotypes are also in-character, based on recent trends in customer profiling by companies like Best Buy. In general, the names and terms used in this book are what I imagine get thrown around at the office.

Perhaps you would prefer a more formal work environment. Something with more military or corporate jargon, or just something which doesn't sound so sarcastic about everything.

Alternate names

  • [b]Good & Evil, Incorporated:[/b] Simply "the Company." There is no [i]real[/i] name for this organization, just the names of its various fronts.
  • [b]Sorcerers[/b]: "Occult manipulators," or perhaps "Targets."
  • [b]Sorcerer stereotypes[/b]: Avoid using these altogether, in favor of TV profiler-style jargon.
  • [b]Shadow Industries[/b]: "Our valued partners" or "subcontractors." For individual companies, just take some names from those in the real world.
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