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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Welcome to the Company

Dear [Applicant],

We are pleased to offer you a position with our company as a member of the Specialized Interventions Unit of [FrontCorporationName], at a salary of [AnnualSalary] per year. To accept, please contact our Human Resources department at [BranchHRNumber].

As a world leader in [FrontBusinessOrProduct] and occult intervention, we seek to maintain shareholder value and cosmic integrity while providing an excellent working environment.

This offer is contingent on the results of ongoing background checks authorized at your time of interview, as well as completion of medical analysis and job training.

We look forward to having you on our team!



Our Mission

The Company prides itself on professional conduct and prompt results. With offices, employees, and contacts all over the world, it's by far the global leader in neutralizing supernatural activity, not to mention a major player in nearly a dozen other industries.

Most investigations are performed under contract with the clients- the cosmic forces we call Good and Evil. Employing legions of spies, historians, analysts, forensic scientists, and security professionals, the Company is well-equipped to investigate and eliminate any sorcerous activity.

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