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Good & Evil, Incorporated

The Fringe

While G&E tries to keep its existence quiet and sorcerers tend to horde their secrets, surely somebody would have noticed what's going on by now, right?

Right. G&E employees usually call these people "the Fringe"- guys and gals who are clued in to sorcery, but haven't been known to dabble in it themselves. Their ranks range from ordinary people with an academic interest in the truth to full-bore freelance (well, actually, unemployed) exorcists.

There usually isn't any payoff for killing members of the Fringe, so the Company officially lets them alone. They're often associates, friends or even lovers of both G&E employees and sorcerers, which means they're often cultivated by Specialists as informants, and get let off easy if they're just a little too close with one side or the other.

On the other hand, a lot of employees tend to view them as an ongoing risk- either they'll try for their own mojo someday, or they'll pass information on to somebody who will. Worse, those used as informants often know something about the company. So whether or not they're used (and whether or not bribes to them should be reimbursable) is a subject of debate.

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