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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Government Connections

The Company and most of its affiliates and rivals are emphatically private entities. However, they're also immensely rich entities, and they have uses for many of the same skills and resources required by law enforcement, intelligence, and even policy-making bodies.

As such, connections between the Company and governments are largely personal, such as old friends of employees, or mundane, such as campaign contributions which benefit front companies. When necessary, the Company is more than willing to compensate civil servants directly for their cooperation. This is kept to a minimum, however, to prevent graft investigations.

In several cases, the Company has set up phony defense or research contracting firms in order to prevent official discovery and manipulation of the supernatural. The Company also owns a number of these firms for more direct profit-making purposes.

Sorcerers, of course, are substantially less reserved, and many of the personality traits associated with sorcery are common to those involved in the shadier side of politics. Some Directors worry that, one day, the black helicopters will circle overhead, and the pilots will not be wholly human.

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