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Good & Evil, Incorporated


In the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, man's free will is the chief battleground. Sorcerers, those who use demons to inflict their will upon the universe, are the enemies of both sides.

Naturally, hunting sorcerers is big business. In the United States alone, we employ over ten thousand people to identify, track, and eliminate those who traffic with demons.

We are Good & Evil, Incorporated. Welcome aboard.

You are a Specialist

In [i]Good & Evil, Incorporated[/i], players work as a team to hunt down and neutralize sorcerers. As one of these specialists, you have an action-movie level ability to do something cool. Whether it's gunfire, hacking, or cracking the mind of your quarry, you're better at it than anybody else.

Anybody who's not a sorcerer.

You are dead sexy and wicked cool

You are. You have a unique appearance and style. What they are is left up to you.

Do you have cool powers?

You'd better not. That would mean you've been consorting with demons, and at the very least you'd lose your job. Possibly you'd also lose such organs as are easily damaged by gunfire. Some specialists have an extra edge, though- not something they've been given, but something that's been taken away.

These Dispensations are partial exemptions from the physical or dramatic laws of our reality. They let specialists dodge bullets, defy gravity or unfailingly avoid detection.

What's this again?

[i]Good & Evil, Incorporated[/i] is an action-adventure roleplaying game about corporate investigators chasing down sorcerers and their pet demons. It's a lot like Cops and Robbers, except that the cops work for a multibillion dollar conspiracy and can run up walls, and the robbers are threatening all reality by summoning vile creatures from a hundred hells.

The game uses a modified version of the Wushu system, created by Daniel Bayn?.

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