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Genre Benchmarks

Before play, the group should discuss and list some of the fundamental aspects of the genre and themes that will be explored in play. These aspects should then be ranked from 2-5, with '1' representing 'out of genre' actions or events.

When play begins, in the place of Trait Numbers, the [b]Genre Benchmark[/b] should be referenced instead. The Rank most applicable for a given action should be used to determine whether a die roll is a sucess or not. Under this convention, Character's Traits will not have Trait Numbers. Instead each character's list of Traits will simply be used as a refernce of the character's abilities and talents.

Example Benchmark

[i][b]Genre[/b]: Techno-thriller[/i]

  • [b]5[/b]: Big personal sacrifices for the sake of your nation, or vice versa.
  • [b]4[/b]: Action that's brutal, fast or deadly. Less like bullet-time/wire-fu, more like a split-second of intensity and a quickdraw to stay alive.
  • [b]3[/b]: Referencing technical "facts" - computiing, guns tactics, military or bureacratic anecodtes
  • [b]2[/b]: Generic action-adventure stuff
  • [b]1[/b]: Out-of-genre actions

[i]Taken from the suggestions of [b]Locke61dv[/b].[/i]

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