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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Arcane Inventory

Company Specialists are not permitted to use genuinely mystical artifacts, since those are bound demons. On the other hand, demons tend to respect certain kinds of ritual and symbolism. Certain common objects can pull double duty as anti-demonic weapons. Of course, it's still usually best to go after the sorcerer. In most cases, he's easy to make splatty....

It can be hard to come up with occult uses for common objects on the fly, so here are some friendly suggestions.

Fractal Cages

Some demons find it difficult to distinguish between flat images and three-dimensional reality. Fractal patterns like these can be used to confuse or mesmerize them:

The Stinger

When engaging in fisticuffs with demons, it helps to have some mojo on hand. Small cloths or bandanas with mystical symbols written on them can be wrapped around your fists to pack a little extra punch! They can also be soaked in holy water or dusted with powdered metals like silver or iron.

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