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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Branch Creation

After you've your , it's time to design their workplace. You should do this as a group, with input from the GM.


You're going to need a headquarters, and the Company frowns a bit on simply operating in the open. Your cover might be as simple as an ambiguous name (“International Holdings Corporation") or as sophisticated as a complete, functional front business.


Within your headquarters, there will be places your group hangs out. Think about the “sets" your characters visit frequently- their offices, the briefing room, the local diner.

Regardless of the particulars, the Company tends to spend generously on designing and equipping its facilities. Wherever you actually are, you can expect top-notch security and computer systems, not to mention a spotless men's room.

Branch Traits

Branches may have up to four . These Traits represent the resources the branch can bring to bear to help out Specialists. When invoking these resources, players may roll using the Branch Trait instead of one of their Specialist's Traits.

Some sample Branch Traits:

  • Occult Library
  • Forensics Lab
  • Esoteric Armory
  • Surveillance Crews
  • Helicopter

Each Trait starts at 2. You may distribute 5 additional points between them.

Note: the Traits you select here are not the be-all and end-all of abilities your branch might possess. The GM can and will probably add stuff as appropriate for particular adventures. However, these Traits are the ones your characters can reliably call upon in place of their own- invoking others might require negotiating with department heads, or even upper management.

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