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Good & Evil, Incorporated

Corporate Metaphysics FAQ

Corporate Metaphysics FAQ

The Clients

What are "Good" and "Evil", anyway?

Good and Evil are exactly what they sound like- two opposing concepts, which, together, make up the creative and motive force of the universe. Our universe is apparently a large-scale philosophical experiment to decide which force dominates. Neither force intervenes directly; instead, they observe and are a part of everything which occurs, allowing the universe and those within to decide the outcome.

Sorcery, the human practice of summoning and commanding demons, unbalances the experiment by introducing forces from Outside, allowing sorcerers to make more than their fair impact. This could significantly affect the state of the experiment.


So magic is real?

No. Tarot cards, pins in dolls, and other stuff like that is largely just superstition. The same goes for vampires, werewolves, and other magical beasts. The only known way to alter reality by paranormal means is to summon and command demons.

Many summoning rituals resemble traditional magical practices, however.

What about religion?

The Company does not discriminate on the basis of religion, nor do we endorse any particular faith. We are proud of our employees' diversity.


Why would anyone summon a demon?

Sorcerers have many reasons for summoning demons, but they almost always boil down to a desire for control- over their lives, over a particular circumstance, over the fortunes of others.

Commanding demons provides this control with comparitively little cost- the demands of a demon are rarely anything beyond the scope of conventional violent crime (and, in fact, are often much smaller), and provide considerably greater benefit.

How would a person summon a demon?

Summoning a demon always involves some sort of ritual, though the details are varied. The ritual creates a bond between the sorcerer and the demon, a contract which defines the tribute paid by the sorcerer and the actions taken in exchange.

Rituals usually involve an investment of willpower, research, and preparation.


Where do demons come from?

No one [i]really[/i] knows. Demons come from Outside our universe, but what their natural environment is like is a mystery.

Are demons evil?

No. Demons are often [i]destructive[/i], but do not seem to have any desire to help either Good or Evil. Demons have never been observed serving anyone other than themselves or their human masters.

What do demons want?

Demons seem to want to enter and manipulate our reality. Generally, they do this in accordance with a sorcerer's wishes. While they often demand bizarre or grisly tribute from a sorcerer in exchange for service, what benefit these sacrifices have is difficult to discern.

In eliminating sorcerous activity, it is generally more useful to analyze the motivations of the sorcerer than the demon. However, there have been occasions where particularly unusual sacrifices have led Specialists to a sorcerer they would not otherwise have noticed. The Company applauds sharp eyes and a willingness to improvise in detecting paranormal activity.

What kinds of demons are there?

Demons almost always enter our reality with some discernible form. Company analysts have categorized the most common as follows:

  • [b]Lurkers[/b]: These creatures mainly possess human or animal bodies; outside of them, they are non-solid and usually difficult to perceive.
  • [b]Familiars[/b]: These demons take on physical bodies of their own when they enter our reality.
  • [b]Artifacts[/b]: Some demons take the form of "magic" talismans or even ordinary objects.
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