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Good & Evil, Incorporated

Media Inspiration

Media Inspiration

[i]Good & Evil, Incorporated[/i] is primarily inspired by TV action/drama shows and police or espionage films. Here are some of my favorites:


  • [i]Miami Vice[/i]: A beautiful example of the style-over-substance police procedural. Memorable characters, flashy outfits, and cool gunfights are all worth looking at.
  • [i]Angel[/i]: Particularly in the last season, [i]Angel[/i] presented an entertaining view of supernatural investigation from the point of view of people who did them every day.
  • [i]Alias[/i]: Okay, so I've never actually seen an episode. But it's about spies with great hair, so it's probably applicable.
  • [i]Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex[/i]: Sexy, brooding detective-commandos fighting crimes that plumb the weird potential of human nature. Perfect fit.
  • [i]The Real Ghostbusters[/i]: Even more than the excellent movie it was based on, this cartoon series captured the bizarre contradiction of facing the extraordinary as a day-to-day job. (Unfortunately, it's hard to find on video, and doesn't exist on DVD.)


  • [i]Mr. & Mrs. Smith[/i]: This film's hilarious world of corporate assassins and suburban lawns is great fodder for G&E.


  • [i]Global Frequency[/i]: Sudden, weird crises demand the action of specialized agents. Perhaps the finest of Warren Ellis' tough-talk/hi-tech comics, [i]Global Frequency[/i] provides great examples of how to run a fast-paced game of G&E.
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