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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Demons interact with the world through their powers. These awesome and unsettling abilities give the demon's master the power and control he desires.

Bestowed Powers

Bestowed Powers are abilities a demon grants to the sorcerer who summoned it. Common examples include enhanced senses (maybe even a sixth one), superhuman resilience, telekinesis, and so on.

Sample Demonic Powers

  • [b]Telekinesis[/b]- An old standby. Demons just [i]love[/i] throwing objects at people- the heavier or sharper, the better. Sometimes, the demon doesn't even need objects, telekinetically causing wounds to blossom on a victim's flesh.
  • [b]Hellfire[/b]- The other classic. Whether it's consuming city blocks in a single stroke or cooking Specialists from the inside, many demons find room for flames.
  • [b]Eyejacker[/b]- The demon can see through the eyes of its enemies, and maybe even control what they see.
  • [b]Farsight[/b]- The demon can tell what other people are doing, or thinking, or are just about to do. As creatures who plot to disrupt the natural flow of our reality, demons can't predict the future. On the other hand, they're remarkably good at gathering information and passing it back to their masters.
  • [b]Man in the Mirror[/b]- The demon can control what people see in mirrors, perhaps using the mirror image for travel or to target one of its other powers. This is a good power for creeping out your players.
  • [b]Reanimator[/b]- Zombies. Skeletons. Undead hounds. Possessed dolls. Groovy.
  • [b]Swarm[/b]- The demon creates and controls swarms of creepy creatures. Bats, rats, and insects are favorites.
  • [b]Truly, Madly, Deeply[/b]- Demons are brilliant with emotions. After all, strong, nearly-crazy emotion is one of the things that lets them into our reality. A demon with this power can control its targets' feelings. It could create an aura of subtle fear or bludgeon its foes aside with submissive adoration.
  • [b]Bad Touch[/b]- Contact with the demon spreads a poison or illness- probably one with immediate and/or gross effects.

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Using powers in your game

Powers as clues

Powers as weapons

Powers as puzzles

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