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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Specialists And What They Do

Specialists are part detective and part commando. Their job is to investigate possible demonic activity, and then put an end to it- by whatever means works.

The Desk Job

Much of a Specialist's time is spent at their desk, filling out reports, going over public records, and waiting for assigments. While it's not likely you'll act this out in-game [i]too[/i] often, it's worth keeping in mind what your Specialist is doing off screen.

Field Work

"Field work" is the Company's umbrella term for all kinds of investigation and combat operations. Basically, it's when you get to leave the office, meet interesting people, and get eaten by them. Or something like that.

An average assignment (of the type you'll roleplay through, anyway) involves investigating unusual phenomena, finding the culprit, and putting an end to it. Usually with bullets and breaking glass and explosions.

The Company expects a certain amount of destructive activity as a part of field operations, and stands by with the resources to clean it up. However, they encourage Specialists not to do irreparable damage- killing bystanders is right out, unless absolutely necessary.

Time Off

Specialists typically have a "real life" outside of work. What your Specialist does on the weekends is up to you, and probably both deceptively normal and occasionally dramatic.

In addition, they receive quite a bit of time off per year. Where are you going on your next vacation?

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