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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Tarzan And Jane

Mitchell "Tarzan" Fitzgerald

Tarzan is not a good man who was raised on violent streets. He is a violent man who was raised good. Before he came to work for the company, Tarzan was a cop in a local police department. Back there, he made judicious use of judicially-unapproved violence to make his beat safe and clean. He was a hero to his fellow cops. But times changed, and his department decided that it really wasn't okay to smash hippies' heads in because they smelled like something illegal. So Tarzan crossed over into private industry. So far, the job has been everything the recruiter said- the opportunity to make a difference, and nothing to crimp his style.

Nothing, except his new partner.

  • Beatdown 5
  • Intimidation 4
  • Law Enforcement Knowledge 3
  • Breaking and Entering 3
  • Weakness: Well-known to police 1

Philip Jane, Esq.

Phil Jane is not a brutal man, simply a clever one. Recruited by the company directly from a first-tier law school, Jane was given crash courses in investigation and putting holes in the unholy. He's made a pretty good impression so far, limiting the expense of killing sorcerers by finding clever ways to deny them resources and run them to ground. Jane enjoys being more finessed and knowledgeable than his targets.

Unfortunately, his elliptical manner of intervention puts him at odds with his new partner.

  • Dead aim 3
  • Legal Genius 4
  • Smooth talker 4
  • Dispensation: Leaves no trace 4
  • Weakness: Total Wimp 1
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