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Venus Castina

The man who calls himself Venus Castina grew up on the mean streets of New York. His pop was a wiseguy and, like most sons of mobsters, he was drawn into The Life by association. Early on, he exhibited a talent for turning common objects into weapons. This made him a natural bodyguard; he was able to effectively defend his charges anywhere from a prison cell to a charity ball.

Over time, he also developed a mastery of disguise. His slim build even allowed him to appear as a women, when a male companion would have aroused suspicion. Unfortunately, he became a bit too fond of dressing in drag and soon his Mafia buddies turned on him like rabid dogs! A pariah in the criminal underworld, he was unable to find employment with rival gangs. A known criminal, he could find no work in law enforcement or private security.

So, he answered an ad in the paper....

Specialty: Disguise

Style: Venus dresses flashy when not on the job, either in women’s fashions or something androgynous. His work attire varies by assignment.


  • Dispensation: Gravity’s Rambo 3
  • Weakness: No Guns 1
  • Social Chameleon 4
  • Guarding Bodies 3
  • Whatever’s Handy Fu 4
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