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Maybe I'm going to regret this, but I suddenly find myself interested in RPG's again. As I write this, in February of 2007, I have just turned 39. I found my way here from

 I have my son, who will be turning eleven soon, to blame for this turn of events.  Last May, he came across my beaten-up copy of GURPS, 2nd Edition, and my old GM notes.  That was pretty much the last RPG I played.  He has asked me if we could game some time, and even suggested the outlines of a fantasy story.  And -- imagine this, his Mom has expressed an interest in joining us too.

I've spent a lot of time reading about dozens of RPG systems that didn't exist when I left the hobby. Rules-light systems are brilliant for busy adults like me, and for new players who have never gamed. And I love the way that the Wushu system encourages group participation, providing immediate rewards for getting in to the action.

Maybe some time soon, I'll actually start running a game...

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