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You may know me as rbingham2000 from RPGnet and several other forums related to RPGs. I haven't contributed much to this wiki, but I have given Russell (who goes by Emprint on RPGnet) the heads-up on two major instances of spam trouble here.

I have also participated in several Wushu-related collabs with Damian, who goes by Kiero on RPGnet (including the latest incarnation of the Deathsworn setting, which pits supernaturally-powered warriors against the Vampire Princes and their minions, and bears a passing conceptual resemblance to Russell's own Bleeding Earth), and generally helped to spread the Wushu love.

My other major interests gaming-wise are D&D and Iron Heroes, though I was quite the fan of Feng Shui before I discovered Wushu.

New Silver Dragons, the ongoing Wushu-powered Feng Shui game, is currently on hiatus due to serious slowdown and several players losing interest and dropping out of the game, but it shouldn't be too long before Chen Shing, my ex-Triad Killer and Two Gun Angel, is back in action. Until then, Shing, keep a place in your heart for Josephine, and don't you ever stop fighting, no matter how bad it gets.

Meanwhile, Damian has started up The Dark Times, a rollicking little one-shot set in the Star Wars universe a few years after the events of Revenge of the Sith, where six people are swept up in what will eventually become the Rebel Alliance of Episode IV. I play Preenu Omas, an ex-undercover cop and former Jedi with a problem with authority and a real loose cannon streak.

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