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Below are links to commercial supplements for Wushu.

Wire-FuYour comprehensive guide to running Wushu games in the style of Hero & The Matrix!Daniel Bayn
Pulp-FuA Wushu game of noir style & pulp action!Daniel Bayn
Car-FuHigh speed chases, acrobatic stunts, and cars as melee weapons!Daniel Bayn
A Wushu Guide to Gun-FuGuns, lots of guns, spaghetti westerns, gangsters, and snipers.Daniel Bayn
A Wushu Guide to Cut-FuSwords and knives from the Three Musketeers to the Seven Samurai.Daniel Bayn
A Wushu Guide to Wyrd-FuHigh strangeness and mystical juju from animism to hermeticism.Daniel Bayn
Wushu: Black Belt EditionThe newest edition of Wushu, which combines Car-Fu, Cut-Fu, Gun-Fu and Wyrd-Fu into one volume.Daniel Bayn
RoanokeA roleplaying game of dark mystery and wicked action, set in the doomed colony of Roanoke, Virginia.Clint Krause?

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