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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Call Of Wushulhu

Call of Cthulhu style wackiness for Wushu


This is pretty close to normal WUSHU in terms of mechanics, but has one key difference.

When adding descriptive details when dealing with a sanity-rending experience (the GM well tell you when) you can only state a max of 3 normal details. Details beyond this (up to an additional 3 more) must be Horrific Details. These give you Black Dice. These are rolled normally, and rolls below your trait score are still normal successes. However, if they ever come up 6, you immediately lose point of Sanity.

When using magical spells, there is always a risk of sanity loss. Be careful with those tomes, boys.

Investigator Creation

#1 Choose Identity

Name, background, etc.

#2 Assign Attributes

you have 1 in each automatically, and 3 further points to place where you like. The attributes, and their associated Abilities are described below. Once you have your attributes assigned, pick a total of 7 abilities. These may be taken more than once to indicate special expertise, but the limit on Attribute+Ability is 5.


Your strength, stamina, and physical agility.


  • Athletics - sports, running, jumping etc.
  • Strength - picking up heavy things or holding shut doors while elder things try and break in
  • Shoot- putting holes in things with guns (well, with bullets fired from guns)
  • Slash - hitting things with melee weapons
  • Brawl- unarmed fighting
  • Flee - escape elder horror
  • Sneak - escape the notice or elder horror


Your intelligence, wits, and comprehension.


  • B&E- gaining access to places you don’t belong
  • Research- finding things out
  • Education - general knowledge
  • Will - resisting mental influence
  • Dream - entering the Dreamlands and knowing about that weird place
  • Investigation- asking the right question & looking for clues
  • Languages- asking for the toilet in weird places
  • Mythos Lore- What Man Was Not Meant To Know


Your social ability and standing


  • Charm - getting your way by being nice
  • Intimidation- getting your way by being mean
  • Wealth - having money and knowing how to use it
  • Interrogation- making someone tell you what you want to know.
  • Status - your position in society
  • Influence - your ability to pull strings
  • Reputation - how well known (or feared) you are.
  • Contacts - its not what you know, its who you know.

Special Abilities:

  • Cope - how well you deal with madness. You add your Cope to your Sanity.
  • Sorcery- Personal mojo. add to Power
  • Survive - Will to live. add to Grit.

#3 Set Your Other Scores:

Set Power to 1

Grit to 4 + the number of Survive abilities you have.

Sanity to 10 + the number of times you have the Cope ability.

Power is used with Sorcery to cast spells. Grit works just like Chi, and Sanity measures how long you have before going nuts.

Now get out there and go nuts!

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