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Minor House Rules

  • Character Creation: characters begins with 3–5 points for Traits and no Weakness, but for each Weakness he decides to take he gets 2 extra points. No character can have more than 3 Weaknesses, though. (by BURP)
  • Mooks: for a little more chalenge in a Mook fight, instead of having only one Yang success for each player, give them as much as they Trheat Rating to divide betwen the player characters. So, if a Mook gang have Threat 8, it would have 8 Yang successes; if in the next round it gets reduced to 6, it would have then 6 Yang succeses; and so on. (by BURP)
  • Experience: character gets new points for Traits as they advance through adventures - say, 1–2 points every major goal accomplished (rescue the princess, beat the villan’s best henchman, hack into the big company’s main system, etc). (by BURP)
  • Experience for Flaws: a character can add ranks to his Weakness, but doing so costs as many experience points as the flaw's current rating (to increase to 2, you need 1; up to 3, you need 2; and so on). You may only go up to 5 as usual; a character can never fully overcome their vices. (by Machaeus)

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