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Wushu characters are defined by their Traits, which are rated from 1-5. When it's time to roll them bones, pick a Trait that's relevant to the actions you described. (If you don't have a relevant Trait, the default rating is 2.) Every die that rolls above that Trait's rating is a failure; those that come up equal to or less are successes. If no one's resisting you, one success is all you need. If someone is resisting, they'll have a bunch of dice to roll, too. Whoever gets the most successes comes out on top. (Ties go to the players, being the heroes and all.)

The key to playing Wushu is to understand that everything happens exactly as the players describe it, when they describe it. (This is sometimes called the Principle of Narrative Truth.) Rolling the dice just tells you how much further those actions have advanced the scene. In a way, the dice are only there to let you know when to stop fighting (or chasing, or talking, or whatever).

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