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Created to be used in a fantasy setting pretty famous around here in Brazil. Basically, the character first buys his magic skills, which can vary depending on the setting - the setting in which it was using it had elemental based magic, so traits would be like "Fire Magic", "Water Magic", etc. In other settings, it could be like D&Desque schools of magic - "Divination Magic", "Abjuration magic", "Ilusion Magic", etc , or any other thing you think works nice.

These Traits will be used similar to typical traits -- with one important difference: instead being able to do anything that the Trait implies, they may only use a list of related spells. Those spells will be created by the player as well - just give it some cool name, like "Elven Gigantic Fluff Ball" or "Erwind's Skin Eruption" or anything else you'd like, and describe its basic effect the way you want - "cast a firebal on a given direction", "raises fork-shaped wooden branches on a black colored brick wall", etc. Just don't forget to attain to your magical skills; if you have no points in, say, Fire Magic, then you can't know a Fireball spell! You can then attempt to use any of your spells as a normal task, going against the relevant magic Trait, adding Embellishments, splitting dice between Yin/Yang for combat spells, and so on.

Players with magic Traits start out with 2 spells, plus one for each point spent on a magic Trait - so if you have, say, Illusion 3 and Abjuration 4 (which means you spent 3 points on those Traits), you'll get to start with 5 spells. New spells can be learned during gameplay - through ancient scrolls, a magic tutor, etc.

As an optional rule, using too many spells can cause the character to be over fatigued - let's say, taking 1 point of Fatigue per use (see the "Fatigue Points" variant rule in the section), or something like that.

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