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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Star Wushu

by voidstate

This conversion runs almost identically to standard Wushu. Players are allowed to use 5 details in their descritions, chi is renamed vitality and each character is made with 7 points and gets a special ability based on the archetype the player chooses.

The archetypes are as follows:

Force User
Ability: May buy Force skills such as force lightning, lightsaber, jedi mind trick, sense disturbances in the force, etc. Any force skills they do not buy default to 2. Additionally, they may use up to 2 additional details in their descriptions, provided these details somehow include using the force.
Examples: Luke, Anakin, Yoda

Tough Guy
Ability: Tough guys are hard to kill. As such they receive 2 additional chi, called vitality in Star Wushu.
Examples: Boba Fett, Chewbacca

Ability: Competent characters are all-rounders. They receive 3 additional skill points.
Examples: Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Amidala

Ability: Living life by wits, guts and sheer luck, Scoundrel characters get by by the skin of their teeth in most situations. Scoundrels may reroll one die every time they make a roll.
Examples: Han Solo, Lando

Ability: ???
Examples: C3P0, R2D2

Sample Weaknesses
Wookie Speak (Chewbacca) - Roll against ones whenever trying to communicate verbally. Also, the player should avoid talking in anything except wookie impressions. Successfully managing this for a whole game probably deserves some kind of reward from the GM, perhaps regaining chi or a reroll.


I’m still lacking inspiration for droid abilities. Any ideas? Also, feel free to add sample weaknesses to the list. Lastly, is the Scoundrel ability too powerful? - Voidstate

Droids might have the ability to purchase a single, very broad trait that reflects their specialty - Artoo is an astromech droid, which lets him hack, repair and pilot. Threepio is a protocol droid, which lets him socialize, translate and people. IG-88 is an assassin droid, which not only makes him a superb fighter with almost every conceivable weapon, but lets him sneak, pick locks, etc. Good idea? Bad idea? - Broblawsky

Droids are Modular. They can have equipment refits whenever it’s dramatically appropriate. This lets them produce unexpected tools that might otherwise be inappropriate for their type (like, what does an astromech droid need a little saw for?). You still gotta narrate it, though.


Droids are Virtually Indestructible. Bash ‘em. Smash ‘em. Shoot ‘em. Can’t kill ‘em. Droids can choose, instead of expending a point of chi, to have a part blown off that can be reattached or repaired later. The Droid’s player can even use this for a detail or two on his next action. - Longspeak

Droids gain an extra success if they use their main ability like “Communicate in over 6 millions of languages” like C3-PO… but have to roll against 1 if they have no skill for the descriped action… makes them very competent in their subject… but incapable in other areas.

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Page last modified on November 15, 2008, at 02:01 PM