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Wushu Clone Wars

Wushu Clone Wars

I watched the complete first series last night, and got to thinking about the kind of system I'd need to cover the totally over-the-top badass stuff from this most excellent of cartoons.

I like to tweak and optimize Wushu, so for a Star Wars/Clone Wars mode...

  • Chi = Force
  • Yin Dice = Light Dice
  • Yang Dice = Dark Dice

Based on the descriptions for the Force and the light and dark sides, light dice/dark dice maps pretty well to the WUSHU descriptions of Yin and Yang.

Being a named character badass in Clone Wars means you either have the Force, or you've got a lot of totally pimp tricky technology and you're super badass to boot. Everyone gets 8 points for Traits.

Everyone has a Die Cap of 4 dice, with exceptions noted below.

A Special Ability costs you 2 of your starting trait points, but gets you some nifty rules tweakery.

Special Abilities

Pull - you have a great deal of influence over the larger setting because of your contacts, allies, position in society, vast wealth, or fame. This doesn't help you in a fight, but outside of combat you get an extra 3 dice to any relevant Scab Roll.

Insight - you are wise and experienced, or perhaps a keen observer or investigator. You can make the kind of leaps of logic normally impossible for a Star Wars character. You can make a Scab Roll with a relevant Trait once per session, and ask the GM one question relevant to the current situation which he is bound to answer based on how well you roll. 1 gets you a whole load of bantha fodder, while 6 lets you figure out that ::gasp:: Palpatine is really evil!

Pimp Ride - You've got a fly ship, tripped out and spiff. Custom rims, body work, and a big fat engine. For any kind of ship action while flying this sweet baby, your die cap increases to 6 and you get a +1 bonus to you relevant Traits.

Gizmos - you've got a raft of badass custom technology. Perhaps a suit of bounty hunter armor, a body rebuilt with devilish bionics, or a tight little trashcan droid-body packed with tools and tricks. Whatever. You get two extra dice on tech-related Scab Rolls, and your die cap for tech-related combat details increases to 6.

Hard to Kill - you're big, hard, or just damned lucky. You get an extra Force point above and beyond your starting three.

Alien Powerz - You've got some funky alien powers. This either bumps your Die Cap to 6 when they come into play, gives you 3 extra dice for a scab roll, or makes you resistant to certain kinds of harm (allowing you to ignore 1 Dark success per round in combat, and makes you more or less immune out of combat).

Force Sensitive - The Force is your Ally. You can get explicitly Force related Traits, and you can add Force details to mundane actions. The dice cap for force-traits and for other actions boosted with the Force is 6. You can Call on the Darkside, adding any number of Dark dice to a roll, up to your normal max Force score. See below on Falling to the Dark Side.

Special Rules

Force Sensitive character are a bit more powerful than others- as you can add Force details to just about any situation, and thus bump your Die Cap. However, you are also at unique risk of Falling to the Dark Side. You can Call Upon the Dark Side for extra Dark dice in an action scene. For each of these dice that rolls a success, one of your Force points becomes tainted. When you all your Force points are tainted (your max number, not your current number) you are Tempted by the Dark Side. There after, whenever you don't use the Dark Side in an action, your die cap is 1 less than normal.

Calling on the Dark Side still works as normal, but this Blackens points of Force, and there ain't no coming back from this. When all your Force points are Blackened, you're done. Hand the sheet to the GM, and play a bounty hunter next time. Coming back from Taint and Temptation is hard, and requires you to play out actual redemption for at least one whole session per tainted Force point- if the players and GM don't think you're serious about redemption, you don't un-taint any points.

If the GM decides you're just being a bastard with the Force, he might warn you to cut it out, or you'll pick up a Tainted force point. He should always give this warning before pinging you - fair is fair. What is acceptable will largely depend on what the groups agrees is cool with the Force.' Debate rages, so work this out before play begins.

Character Examples

Grivo Doul: Merciless Bounty Hunter The last survivor of the Kizamachie Warrior Cult- a violent sect of mystical soldiers wiped out by the Jedi. Doul swore vengeance against the Jedi, and now specializes in hunting them down for large sums of money. His glossy black armor is distinct, packed with weaponry, and adorned with the white spiral of his sect.

  • Force: 3
  • Special Abilities: Gizmo (tricked out armor)
  • Traits: Bounty Hunter 4, Star Pilot 4, Jedi-Hunting 4
  • Weakness: Socially Inept

Anabara Geb: Blind Jedi Investigator Anabara Geb was blinded in his youth by another Jedi student's anger-driven saber stroke. His senses now extend outward through the Force, allowing him to move and fight without difficulty, though he is still blind. He now acts as something of an unofficial invigorator for one un-named member of the Council- taking care of unofficial and strictly off the books investigations and missions. Generally those requiring a low profile.

  • Force: 3
  • Special Abilities: Force Sensitive, Insight
  • Traits: Jedi 4, Investigator 4
  • Weakness: Blind

Junior Ambassador Kirzuki: Wookie Ambassador, 4th class. Kirzuki inherited the Ambassadorial trade from her mother, and she hasn't taken to it especially well. She still sees the best solution to difficult complex social situations is one involving banging people's heads together till they stop bickering. She often gets involved in 'extracurricular' activities when she accompanies Republic ambassadorial missions. He mother always said she had a nose for trouble.

  • Force: 4
  • Special Abilities: Hard to Kill
  • Traits: Crazy Wookie Freak-out 5, Diplomacy 3, Mrs. Fixit 4
  • Weakness: Wookie Speak (player must make wookie sounds and pass notes to talk)

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