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Good & Evil, Incorporated




Good and Evil don't want to prejudice their experiment, but they do need some way to reward their contractors. So they permit the company to give out certain Dispensations, conditional exemptions from certain physical and dramatic laws.

Here are some example Dispensations

  • An Affirming Flame: Regular skepticism doesn't apply to you. Your words will always be accepted at face value, if they don't directly contradict the knowledge of people who hear them.
  • Walking on Air: Gravity's been told not to bother you unless it's important. You can run across bullets or raindrops or air, up walls, and you can be thrown out thirteenth story windows with nary a scratch.
  • Sleeps like a City: You need no rest, no sleep, no shelter.
  • Not Dead Yet, Not Dead Ever: As long as you work for the company, you are not succeptible to aging or other types of physical degradation.
  • Propheteer: Illusions cannot deceive you. This applies equally to supernatural visions and complicated makeup. Any object or visual effect intended to conceal a truth which could otherwise be perceived seems ghostly and ephemeral.


Dispensations are just Wushu Traits.

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