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Good & Evil, Incorporated


The Lucky Duck

This hole-in-the-wall establishment boasts the city's best egg noodles, most cryptic fortunes, and largest collection of occult paraphernalia. The owner is a wizened old man who spends most of his time in the basement, reading his books and tending his artifacts. The folks who know him, and not many do, just call him Old Man.

For reasons he keeps to himself, the Old Man also loans his place out as a front for G & E, Inc. The Lucky Duck's operatives frequently avail themselves of his encyclopedic knowledge of all things arcane and his legendary General Tso's Chicken. Employee orientation includes crash courses in food preparation, personal hygiene, and covert surveillance.

Branch Traits:

  • Surveillance Team (4)
  • Resident Arcanist (4)
  • Arcane Artifacts (3)


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