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The Ancient Art of Action Roleplaying!

Wushu is a roleplaying game by Daniel Bayn, released under a Creative Commons license. Wushu rewards vivid, creative stunts, making it an ideal system for games based on action movies, adventure comics, and many other media.

About this Wiki

This section of the Wiki serves two purposes: to provide a hyperlinked version of the Wushu Open rules, and to form a repository of cool stuff for Wushu.


Everyone's welcome to contribute! Just check out the basic editing guide for ground rules and markup. It's worth checking out, even if you've used a wiki before.

As for what to contribute? Well, anything, really. The Wushu Open rules could use some examples, and writeups of house rules, characters, adventures, settings, and all such roleplaying goodness are welcome.


We've already got lots of resources for Wushu. Browse the pages below to check them out, then add your own!

Wushu Open Rules by Dan Bayn

Learn to play Wushu with these free, easy rules.

Fan Rules

Expand and tweak your Wushu game with these suggestions from fellow fans.


Short write-ups of exciting locations and the amazing people who live, work, and fight there.

Worlds & Settings

Need an exciting, original backdrop for your action, or tweaks and suggestions for a game in a particular genre? Look no further!

Conversions & Media Adaptations

Play in the world of your favorite game, movie, comic or novel with these fan adaptations.


Helpful essays on how to run Wushu, how to write supplements, or anything else that's not quite a rule or a setting.

Dice Roller

Online dice roller for use in your Wushu games.

Actual Play

Check out actual games run by fellow Wushu fanatics.


List of published Wushu supplements.

Yahoo! Group

Latest posts from the Wushu mailing list. Fully searchable.

RPGnet Thread Index

Near-complete index of Wushu threads from RPGnet.


Other Wushu sites and useful resources, including translations and dice rollers.

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