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Versus Mooks

Ninjas, zombies, gangsters, cops… by any name, mooks are born to die in droves! In fact, Mooks are little more than set pieces whose only reason for being is to make the player-characters look good. They don't have Traits, they don't have Chi, and they never roll any dice. They're just an abstraction. Players are free to describe however many they want, wherever they want, in order to describe all the rapid-fire, ass kicking stunts they want. (Of course, GMs can reserve a few for guarding escape routes, taking hostages, and so forth.)

Threat Rating

When the ninjas start jumping out of the woodwork, assign the whole lot of them a Threat Rating. (You can also assign them to non-human challenges like ticking time bombs, collapsing buildings, treacherous climbs, and so on.) The exact value depends on how many players you have, your dice pool limit, and how long you want the scene to last. Figure out how many Yang successes your players are likely to generate per round and multiply by the number of rounds you want to see. Season to taste.

As you may have guessed, each Yang success your players bring to bear reduces the Threat Rating by 1. When it reaches zero, the mooks are either all dead or running in abject terror. Conversely, you shouldn't let players describe taking out the whole group before the Threat gets close to zero. If such a thing does happen, and there's some Threat remaining after the dice are rolled, you'll have to bring in some reinforcements or let previously beaten mooks get up for another round.

How they hurt

Now, since mooks don't get to roll dice, they won't have any Yang dice to throw at the heros. Instead, you should assume that the mob gets in at least one good hit each round. Anyone who doesn't roll at least 1 Yin success has to cash in a point of Chi or get knocked out. (For more dangerous mooks, you can raise it to 2–3 hits per round.)

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