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Versus Nemeses

If you think nothing can challenge someone who just tore through a whole legion of ninja, you're dead wrong. Mooks are just the warm-up. Nemeses have kung-fu of their own, they get to roll dice, and they even have Traits! Most harrowing of all, they get their own Chi (usually from 1-5 points, but feel free to go nuts).

As befits such worthy opponents, Nemeses must always be fought mano-a-mano. If two or more players absolutely need to gang up on a Nemesis, they'll have to do one of the following:

First, they can take turns trading blows with the Nemesis, completing both their Description and Resolution phases before letting their allies have a go.

Second, if you've set a dice pool limit, the players can split the max dice between them. If the Nemesis gets to roll 6 dice, two players would get 3 dice each, or three players would get 2 dice each. The Nemesis would then split their Yang successes between their opponents.

The other thing that elevates Nemeses above mooks is that they actually get to defend themselves. (Gasp!) This is where you get that furious back-and-forth pacing we talked about. The player and the GM should take turns providing 2-3 Details at a time, just enough for a defensive move and a counter-attack. When both sides have maxed out their dice pools, let 'em roll. If the kung-fu is really flying, feel free to disregard the pool limit and roll a whole fight's worth of dice at once!

Lethal moves (decapitations, kill shots, stakes through the heart, etc.) should be saved until after your victim has taken that final hit, the one they don't have the Chi to pay for. If both combatants run into negative Chi on the same turn, the loser is the one who goes deepest into the hole. As usual, ties go to the players. The winner is entitled to any dramatic killing blow (or other kind of scene resolution) they wish to inflict upon their helpless victim. No dice required. This is called the , and if anyone tries to deliver one before the proper time, smack 'em with a veto!

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