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Good & Evil, Incorporated


Character Creation

Designing Your Specialist

What's your background?

This doesn't have to be too specific, but you generally want to know what you were doing before the company picked you up. Were you a college student with particularly good grades (or particularly interesting extracurriculars)? Were you an expert in a particular field where you got bored or washed up? Did you just get referred by a friend?

What's your Specialty?

Specialists are, appropriately and redundantly, defined by their Specialty. This should be detailed to take up at least one (and probably two!) of your Traits.


  • Infiltration
  • Driving
  • Hacking
  • Forensics
  • Surveillance
  • Demolition

What's your Style?

Your character is wicked cool and dead sexy. That's a given. But [i]how[/i] that comes across is up to you. Looking to Neo or Blade for style is obvious and good, but you might consider something slightly less conventional.


Here's some media examples of characters with interesting style:

  • Neo ([i]The Matrix[/i])- Detached trenchcoat chic.
  • Giles ([i]Buffy[/i])- Making tweed cool again.
  • Snow ([i]Planetary[/i])- Crow's feet and white suits are a statement.
  • James Bond ([i]Goldfinger[/i])- Need I say more?

There are lots of others. Whatever you pick, customize it- figure out how your character looks, talks, and moves. Remember, this'll be handy for Details in-game.

What's your Hook?

Some people are compulsive gamblers. Others are hunted by the mob or the cops. And some have husbands who just don't understand. Your character's Hook is a difficult circumstance that makes their situation a little more interesting.

By working your character's Hook into an adventure, you can regain a point of Chi.

[comment author="Russell"]I need to rewrite this a bit.[/comment]


  • Drug problem
  • Brother is a sorcerer
  • Hunted by the mob
  • Searching for mother
  • Romantically shy
  • Dying

How do you fight?

While your Specialty might not be combat-oriented, the Company makes sure all agents pass minimum standards in combat skills, particularly self-defense. At the very least, you should know "Competent Not In the Face Style" or something like that, and you almost certainly know how to use a firearm to effectively kill someone.


  • Boxing
  • Kung Fu
  • Swordplay
  • Two-gun Fury
  • Knife fighting
  • Bomb Fu

Why else are you cool?

Specialties and fighting aren't all there is to you. You're a unique and beautiful snowflake. Are you beautiful? Terrifying? A gambler? Straight-edge? Think about character traits you can work into your descriptions.

What's your name?

Like Style, this one should be kind of unique. Let's avoid Bobs or Bens or Jennies. Your name shouldn't sound like an average first name. It could be gender-inappropriate, a last name, an odd nickname, or something like that.

What's your Dispensation?

Dispensations are the "kewl powerz" of [i]Good and Evil, Incorporated[/i]. You shouldn't have more than one, and you might not have any- they're rewards for long and/or exemplary service to the Company. If you have one, though, it should amp up your natural coolness substantially. A gunslinger could make use of an exemption from air resistance, or a surveillance tech might not hear static.

It's worth noting that having or not having Dispensations won't affect how many dice you get to roll or anything like that- they increase the range of things you can do, not how much effect you have in a given scene. Rate your Dispensation as one of your Traits.

Quick Character Creation

  1. Pick one Specialty Trait at 3.
  2. Pick up to 3 additional traits (including a Dispensation, if you want one). Each of these starts at 2.
  3. Distribute 4 additional points between the Traits selected above.
  4. Pick a Hook.
  5. Pick a Weakness. This has a permanent value of 1.

See also Creating Characters for Wushu

See also Creating Characters for Wushu

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