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My Little Mook Group

This is a different way of viewing mooks.

Some times you don't want your group to fight countless numbers of ninjas or goblins, but just a few, although you wouldn't like it to finish so quickly, giving them a low Threat Rating... what to do? Set a high Threat Rating for a small group of thugs? No.

The best way is to the GM take control of them and not let them all be killed in the first Details of the players during Description. So what to do? Turn them into a Nemeses? Yes! More or less.

Instead of treating mooks as a Threat Rating, this rule treats a small group of mooks as a Nemesis. Not every mook as a Nemeses, but the whole group as one Nemeses. How to do this?

  • First of all, I think it will work for small groups, from 2 to 6 or 7 mooks. If you want a bigger group, use Threat Rating, or divide the group in small ones;
  • Second, the group will have 1 point of Chi for every mook. A group of 4 mooks will have 4 Chi points.This will let you track how many mooks are gone;
  • Third, mook Nemesis have atributes, but not high ones. Give them 1 or 2 atributes at level 2 or 3. For example, goblins could have Fighting 2 and Scaping 3. But they could have some atributes at level 4 to make some surprise to the players(!);
  • Fourth, during the action, discribes 1 or 2 Detail for each mook alive, with the maximum defined for the game. Split the mooks among the players, and the Yang successes too;
  • Fifth, divide the maximum number of Detail between the player, as if they were fighting only one Nemeses, and all Yang successes will go against the mook group;
  • Finally, mook Nemesis are not so stupid as simple mooks, make them use some strategy and always reserve some Yin dice to preserve their lifes!

This rule will let the GM have some control over simple encounters, and let the mooks have some intelligent action, or coordinate action with other mook groups in the scene!

Good Play!

By - June 21

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